How much does the cancer treatment cost in USA?

cancer treatmentIf someone thinks that the USA health service is perfect and would like to copy this system to another country, then first he must analyze whether he is … rich.

To a large extent, the American health system works in two cases: when you are healthy/ a little bit sick or when you are rich.

For most people, it is a trap for years.

This is why in many professional groups in the US, there is a wide known knowledge/opinion not to buy a home or a real estate.

The reason is simple, when the disease hits hard, the middle-class insurance, that most people have, is not enough to cover the high costs of treatment. Then they take your home, real estate, or a car.

You do not have a home, you do not have property, you do not earn enough, after a while the system can cancel your medical expenses.

This is the American reality that many countries do not understand. They idealize the system. That is why there are many voices to copy American solutions.

There is only one thing missing: the implementation of natural therapies. Then the costs of treatment will drop very quickly, the number of patients and lines to the doctor’s office will decrease.

Adding another million to a bad treatment system won’t help. It’s a waste of money.

Bonnie has cancer

She is insured. She pays $34.760 annually.

Treating the disease led her family to the edge of the abyss.

She has huge debts.

For the hospital services: Over 127 thousand dollars.

For the other health services: 90 thousand dollars.

Her total debt is over 200,000 dollars.

Attention! Bonnie has been insured the entire time and the disease is still not cured!

Treatment costs can increase up to half a million or even a million dollars.

You can learn more about Bonnie and her journey here:

The American system is destroying the patients

Despite the fact that more and more Americans are covered by health insurance, research has shown that every year, around 530,000 families go bankrupt because of the very high costs of treatment, and the vast majority of these families have health insurance.

The main reason for bankruptcies in the United States are medical bills. They account for two-thirds of all bankruptcies booked.

“Currently, most insurance policies resemble Swiss cheese. They are full of legal loopholes, and health insurance companies have become masters in finding ways to pay for the treatment of patients, “explains Zero Hedge.

This is a very dangerous system that destroys Americans. They only need to implement natural therapies in the treatment program.

That’s all.

You do not need to take drugs for chemotherapy.

Let the results show which methods are better.

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