How to stop cancer?

cancersMore and more people, from your close circle, are suffering from cancer. What’s more, there isn’t any family in which someone close to you would not be ill, and there is no exception whether it is a child or an adult.

Why is this happening? Who is responsible for that?

To a large extent, chemical, highly processed food is responsible for the plague of cancers.

Producers of food care for the cheapest components, preferably from the chemical laboratory and for a large number of products sold.

The quality of health has long been sold out. Hence, people eating such products start to get sick and here, in turn, pharmaceutical companies jump in with their “miracle” drugs for everything.

The vicious circle closes.

A sick man, especially with cancer, is terrified and will bear all costs, he or she will try every method to get better.

In addition, there is blind faith in the treatment imposed by oncologists. Whether it will be chemotherapy, radiology or another treatment… it is not effective enough.

Meanwhile, the number of cancer cases from year to year is increasing.

What contributes to the development of cancer?

1 – Acidosis.

2 –Weakened collagen structures lead to cancer attacking healthy tissues.

Very small financial sums are devoted to research on collagen structures, and we know that tumor metastasis cause death.

For example, the development of a brain tumor pressures the brain and causes disturbances of the life processes. Metastasis is the result of the weakening of the endothelial barrier, which facilitates the infiltration of large molecules from the blood into the interior of the vessel wall. This is the case for both cancer and atherosclerotic lesions. And these people are at risk of cancer. Can we do something to prevent cancer?

Yes, we must supplement ourselves.

  1. Supplementation with vitamin C -If you have the right level of vitamin C, it will prevent the accumulation of lipids in the blood vessels and thus stop the development of atherosclerosis. Vitamin C in doses up to 10 grams per day.
  2. Vitamin D supplementation- Starting from 10,000 IU daily.
  3. Taking amino acids, such as lysine, proline, arginine, n-acetylcysteine.
  4. Selenium, copper, and manganese supplementation.
  5. Taking polyphenols contained in ex. green tea, quercetin.
  6. Active substances from cruciferous plants, turmeric, resveratrol.

Problems with curing cancer

Supplementing with these substances is primary prevention. Treatment of cancer requires a lot of medical knowledge. The current food, the one from supermarkets, is not valuable. This situation forces us to take supplements. Otherwise, we will not be truly healthy. This is not a natural form of a healthy lifestyle, because we should receive all the substances (vitamins, minerals, etc.) with food and nature. However, everything around us is destroyed and poisoned, so we should help ourselves as much as possible.

With supplements, it is also not easy. Pharmaceutical companies took over the market and produce a mass of various supplements. And not necessarily to help keep our body in good health, without the disease.

And here you need to reason and think.

We do not necessarily have to have a medical education to understand the processes taking place, to understand the deceitful world. There is not a one, great method of treatment. There are few doctors who are successful in treating cancer, this is a problem, so do not forget to prevent it. We take supplements not once a month, BUT every day. Unless you are lucky to produce or buy truly healthy products, you don’t have to do that.

It is better not to eat junk food and be hungry than to poison your body with this chemical waste.


source: Dawki i sposoby leczenia, na podstawie artykułu dr. Huberta Czerniaka pt. „Jak powstrzymać rozwój raka” z „Zdrowie bez leków”.

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