mammographFor many years, mammography has been the “golden” method of medicine in detecting breast cancer. The general trend is to perform mammography every two years. Many doctors say that this method completely protects women from cancer because it will detect cancer fast.

Let’s see what the truth is?

What is breast mammography?

Mammography is a radiological method of breast examination in women. It involves making a series of images of the gland using X-rays. This is a screening test. A routine mammography screening is recommended for women aged 50-74 years, every two years. According to most medical sources, mammography is considered a test that is:

  • effective due to the early detection of breast cancer,
  • economically advantageous (for whom?),
  • safe for women.

The truth about mammography

Mammography is very harmful to your health. They urge you to do this exam, suggesting that this is a method of early detection of neoplastic changes.

Meanwhile, to see a cancerous tumor in the picture, it must have been growing in the body for at least 10 years. This test can only detect these kinds of tumors, which is why it is so ineffective and … dangerous to the health. One mammogram is equivalent to 100-1000 lung x-rays! I don’t think that any woman aware of the threat would do so many x-rays. Even throughout the entire lifetime, one person does not do that many lung x-rays.

Additionally, for the photo to be properly taken, they have to catch and squeeze the breast quite hard. You need to withstand this for about 30 seconds. If you already have a cancerous tumor and the breast is this tightly compressed, there is a great possibility of the tumor breaking and getting into the lymph.

Have you ever wondered why they perform up to 4 mammograms? Because it is one of the least precise methods for early detection of breast cancer.

Mammography is an ineffective and dangerous way to detect cancer, which can also contribute to its development. We know without a doubt that exposure to such radiation increases the risk of cancer.

Even if the proponents of this method praise it, then, logically, let us answer this question: why did not women’s deaths reduce for the past 20 years?

Because every year millions of dollars flow into the mammography industry. Mammography manufacturers, hospitals, clinics, radiologists, oncologists, and laboratories make a lot of money by doing biopsies.

More millions of dollars are spent on advertisements aimed at intimidating women into performing painful mammography and breast biopsies. Do not listen to these experts.

Why isn’t thermography used to detect cancer?

Meanwhile, at your fingertips, you have another very effective method of breast cancer-thermography detection. Thermography is a very little known test. It involves taking pictures with a thermal camera. It registers infrared beams. Tumor tissue has a higher temperature than a healthy tissue, so the camera registers hot and cold areas visible in the form of different colors. Thermography is a great way to detect breast cancer.

Additionally, It is:

  • safe,
  • easy,
  • cheap

This method distinguishes between fast and slow growing breast tumors.

However, I recommend breast self-examination, to women, especially in the shower. No one knows your body as well as you do, and it is with this method that women detect the most changes in the breast.

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