cancerAbout 8 million people die each year from cancer. It is estimated that by 2030 this number will increase to 12 million. Charities collect a huge number of money to fund research and to develop a “cure for cancer,” while the cure is well-known but completely unprofitable for global pharmaceutical and medical companies.

A cancer drug concealed by government agencies

At a doctor’s meeting in Pittsburgh in 1969, Dr. Richard Day, head of the Rockefeller eugenic organization “Planned Parenthood” during his speech, said that the organization can cure almost every type of cancer, and that information is enclosed in the Rockefeller Institute. It depends solely on Rockefeller Institute whether that information will be disclosed.

Unfortunately, the “cure” never saw the light of day. The Big Pharma and government agencies “silence” anyone who discovers an effective way to treat cancer. Why? Current methods of cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) bring huge profits and it is also a good way to reduce the world population.

Cancer is a fungus

Italian physician Tullio Simoncini, despite the pressure from the Big Pharma, has decided to publicize his findings on the successful treatment of Candida-induced cancer. Candida is a yeast-like organism that is present in small amounts even in the healthiest body. When it takes a form of a large fungus, it causes serious problems (also cancer), then in order to reproduce, it begins to eat your body.

Dr. Simoncini came to the conclusion that the presence of fungus and tumor are related. There is 90% of the fungus wherever the tumor resides. If we had a fungal infection between the toes, then surely its traces are in the large intestine. If you have not done an antifungal diet for a while, you still eat a lot of sugar, or you just eat poorly, you can be sure it is still there, but temporarily inactive.

The cause of tumors in the body is the acidification of the body and the destruction of the cell mitochondrial system so that cells cannot produce free energy and the body starts to “die.” The tumor is a way of saving the body from a crisis, and it collects all the toxins the organism could not expel.

Unfortunately, doctors just cut it out or try to fight off with the chemicals by causing the toxins to go back into the body.

Dr. Simoncini understood that all the tumors function equally, no matter where they are in the body or the form they take. He also noted that cancerous tumors are always white. The body normally keeps candida in check, whereas when its immunity decreases; it begins to weaken; the candida grows and begins to form colonies. It starts to eat the host (you).

An organism that wants to defend itself builds a protective barrier called cancer. According to the Italian doctor, metastasis is nothing more than the fleeing of Candida colony. Our life is the daily struggle of the body and the immune system, subjected to the destructive action of harmful chemicals present in food, beverages, cosmetics, agriculture and many others.


Chemotherapy is a debilitating treatment that does not always have the expected effects. The goal of chemotherapy is to kill cancer cells before it can destroy enough healthy cells. The conclusion is that chemotherapy also kills immune cells but the Candida lives on. Chemotherapy, which has the task of healing, destroys our immune system, our only protection against any disease.

“Dr. Simoncini has discovered that the agent that kills fungus while removing the cancer is sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda. Candida cannot adapt to it. The patient receives soda either orally or through the endoscope. This allows you to put the baking soda exactly where the cancer is –in the fungus.”

Dr. Simoncini presented his findings and successes in the treatment of cancer in the Italian Ministry of Health, which not only ignored his documented work but also criticized and forbidden the use of his illicit medical methods. The study was given to a destructive media campaign that was supposed to ridicule it and show it in the worst possible light.

He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for causing the death of patients treated with his method. Unfortunately, they didn’t mention how many patients have been cured using his method. Fortunately, Dr. Simoncini turned out to be a doctor with a true vocation, for whom the Hippocratic oath still means something. His work is available on the Internet and presented during public appearances.

Unfortunately, this method is not approved by the global pharmaceutical industry, so people treat themselves under his supervision. Cancer cells have a specific biological characteristic, they all contain enzyme CYP1B1, which, in reaction with salvestrol (anti-cancer molecule), destroy cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells. Salvestrol is also a natural defense system against fungal attacks, found in fruits and vegetables, susceptible to damage caused by fungi (strawberries, berries, raspberries, grapes, apples, pears, green vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, artichokes, red and green peppers, Avocado, cress, asparagus, and aubergine.

However, in today’s agriculture the plants are fertilized with chemicals that artificially destroy fungi, so the crops do not have to trigger their own defense system or Selvastroli. In this way, we are condemned to the chemistry that poisons our body every day.

Prevention of cancer

A contemporary lifestyle and the way we nourish our body (too much sugar, meat, alcohol, artificially colored drinks, etc.) makes our body produce an acid that promotes the growth of fungi. In order to restore the alkaline reaction, appropriate therapy should be performed to remove candidiasis from our body and restore the proper reaction.

  1. Prophylaxis – Prevent the accumulation of yeast in quantities that cause cancer. To de-acidify the body for 3 days – 2 times a day drink a solution made with a cup of warm water and 1 tablespoon of soda. Then take a 10-day break and repeat the 3-day cycle. If you cannot bear the taste of the scented soda, you can eat it dry and drink with lukewarm water.
  2. Stopping and removing candidiasis (cysts or tumors).

If candida has already developed to such an extent that a tumor or cyst is formed, increase the frequency of consumption of the solution and enrich it with honey, molasses or cane syrup. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of soda in a cup of warm water. Drink 2 times a day for at least 10 days, or depending on the tolerance of the body. Blood and lymph must change slightly to alkaline during this period to destroy candida. When this happens, the cyst/tumor disappears.

In the case of advanced cancer, use a mixture of honey/teaspoons of soda each day to kill the huge colonies of yeast. The only side effect is diarrhea. Compared to the side effects of chemotherapy, that really is not much. Just reduce the amount of the mixture and diarrhea will disappear.

Litmus paper is available in pharmacies and may be used to check the saliva alkalinity. The paper turns pink to red for acid, and bright to dark blue in alkaline medium.

How to check candidacy?

  1. In the evening, put a half full glass of water next to your bed.
  2. After waking up, immediately spit into the water in the glass the saliva you have in your mouth, do not gather saliva, spit out only what you have, even the smallest amount.
  3. Leave for 15 minutes, then gently twist with water in a glass.
  4. If saliva stays on the surface, everything is ok.
  5. Cloudy water means the indicator is positive.
  6. To check, raise the glass against the light. If the water is cloudy and the sputum falls to the bottom, it means there’s a yeast imbalance. You should de-acidify the body.


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