5gIn order to apply this technology, the current electromagnetic field emission standard must be increased by 100 times! Why such power when, as we are told, these are low power systems? In addition, there is information that 5G technology, during rain or snowfall, it does not work? Maybe this is why such high power is required? In some European cities, where 5G technology has already been introduced, all trees have been cut along the streets to a height of around 4 to 5 meters so that they do not “cover-up” electromagnetic waves between one transmitter and the other. These streets, instead of trees, are filled up with trunks of trees of 4-5 meters in height.

The proof of the safety of this technology lies with the manufacturer. Currently, the opposite is true. There are no studies that clearly, without any qualifications, would indicate the safety of 5G technology.

What, how is it hidden from the public so carefully?

What is the real reason why 5G technology is being introduced?

It’s about the so-called torsion fields, which are always generated when a beam of magnetic fields is generated.

What is the difference between an electromagnetic field and a torsion field?

Electromagnetic radiation carries energy. Torsion fields carry … information!

For this reason, any systems monitoring electromagnetic fields in the case of torsion fields are of no use. It is as if you are to measure the speed of a moving object by placing this item on a scale. Is there any sense in doing so? These are not electromagnetic fields, and the torsion fields interact biologically at the receptors of the human body and cause diseases.

As they are information fields, they do not have mass, they do not interact with electrons. The action of living organisms is based to a large extent on the effects of torsion fields. When the radiation norm is raised 100 times, the escape from the torsion fields is impossible.

This way you can manipulate the parameters of the torso field, to cause, in the body of every person, a disease, any disease you can imagine. This is an element of extraordinary danger – not just cancer.

Also, it will not leave any trace of its action. This is such a deceitful technology that “it will suck out the blood without leaving the hole”. 5G technology makes it possible to target a given person with an accuracy of 10 cm.

What for and why?

3G, 4G technologies also emit torsion fields, but they did not give the possibility of TRACING the location of a given person. By properly controlling the torsion fields, information can be entered into a given organism, which will develop a pathogen (ex. a virus) that will kill this organism.

How can this information be entered into a targeted person?

Very simply. Through a computer monitor, a mobile phone, and even the music you listen to.

The knowledge of telecommunication engineers on torsion fields is ZERO … including physics professors. So how can you start a dialogue on the security of 5G technology with people who know nothing about the problem-causing factor?

How can you explain to them that living organisms are equipped with torsion box receptors when they do not know what these fields are?

Appropriately designed devices emitting electromagnetic waves together with 5G can work very well with reduced radiation by 1000 times than current standards indicate. This was shown experimentally, so there is no doubt about it. They can do it … so why aren’t they? Is the knowledge missing? Is there a lack of willingness? Or maybe it’s something else?

It is already known that communication technologies can be created that allow reducing the emission of torsion fields while maintaining the same level of electromagnetic field emission. It is an extremely complex technology, but it is possible. This has already been proven.

You can use other much safer technologies that are based on infrared and give the possibility of data transmission about 1000 times faster than 5 G!!

Why aren’t they doing this? Because 5G technology is a strategic technology when it comes to military use.

If we add to this, pollution of water, air, food, vaccines, disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field by foreign electromagnetic radiation, etc., there is only one question left to be asked: ” how to live?”.


Source: Jerzy Zieba

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