Cannibalism? Which vaccines contain blood?

blood vaccinesI’m assuming that You would never eat a man or drink his blood. Only Satanic religions or mentally ill people do that. However, injecting a vaccine that contains another person’s blood isn’t a form of cannibalism? Injecting human blood into your muscle tissue brings the risk of disease, the risk of a horrible autoimmune reaction, where your own immune system can attack, kill, or hurt you for the rest of your life.

You are not a cannibal

Below is a list of vaccines that are currently being injected into millions of people around the world. Most of them have no idea about their hazardous ingredients. Doctors and nurses rarely, if ever, read a vaccine leaflet and honestly warn their patients.

Do you imagine a situation in which: at the doctor’s office they inform you that the vaccine contains human blood? Are you willing to get the injection or allow them to give it to your child?

If you are not a cannibal, and you are probably not, then your answer should always be negative. You should avoid these vaccinations at any cost. They contain other people’s blood (albumin), blood cells (diploid), and even cells from miscarriages (MRC-5, WI-38, and fetal pulmonary tissue cells) obtained without mother’s permission for the vaccine industry to use their children’s blood sample.

This list comes directly from CDC:

What will you do if your doctor thinks it is an acceptable form of immunity?

Forbidden Vaccines

All the following vaccines contain some form of human blood or tissues, so having at least one of them injected into your own blood, is a form of cannibalism:

  • Adenovirus
  • DTaP-IPV (Quadracel).
  • DTaP-IPV / Hib (Pentacel).
  • Hep A (Havrix).
  • Hep A (Vaqta).
  • Hep A / Hep B (Twinrix).
  • MMR (MMR-II).
  • MMRV (ProQuad) –both frozen and cooled forms in the fridge.
  • Rabies (Imovax).
  • Rabies (RabAvert).
  • Ospa (Vaccinia) (ACAM2000).
  • Varicella or „Chicken Pox” (Varivax) – both frozen and cooled forms.
  • Zoster (shingles) (Zostavax) – both frozen and cooled forms.

Human tissue can be found in 23 different vaccines. Researchers observed a correlation between the introduction of human DNA into the MMR vaccine and autism. Cases of autism in America increased as soon as vaccine manufacturers began to breed a varicella vaccine in human fetal tissue. In fact, vaccines are even worse than toxic foods because toxic substances such as vaccines bypass the digestive system and detox organs, which are designed to protect against very dangerous proteins injected into the body.

No wonder millions of people have gotten cancer from the polio virus – these vaccines are nothing more than experimental animal blood mixtures, genetically modified viruses, blood from aborted fetuses, and metal toxins that cause central nervous system disorders and autoimmune disorders.

Why does the pharmaceutical industry put blood in our vaccines?

Why do politicians agree to this?

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