In fact, none of us need to fast, or go on a special diet, eat special foods if we are healthy, strong, and have access to real, healthy food.

You do not need any supplementation if you can provide everything that is essential for the body from your food.

You do not need vitamin D3 supplementation if you get enough sun.

Nature always wins with artificial products, even the best supplements.

However, most of us do not have these benefits every day, so we have to save ourselves in a different way.

The way to save yourself

Are supplements.You lie to your body and say to it: “these supplements are healthy, absorb them”. However, the body is a super mechanism and it can recognize by itself, what to absorb and what to excrete.

The way to save yourself is also fasting or a ketogenic diet.

For patients, the ketogenic diet should be obligatory. High-fat, low-carbohydrate, low protein diet can produce ketone bodies that heal the body.

Certainly, it will not work in every case, because there is no miracle diet.

However, it is logical and good enough to be used for a few months.

If your body has produced ketones, fasting does not make much sense.

However, I and my family do 24-hour fasting for a different reason.

You will not always lose weight after the fasting, you will not always notice the difference right away.


Because you must know its meaning.

If you want to lose weight or fight disease, in many cases the results will be poor, especially at the beginning.

Fasting is first used to reprogram your mind and a way of thinking.

How does it work?

If you want to lose weight, get rid of the disease, quit smoking, get rid of nervousness, mood swings, anger, anxiety etc., start with fasting.

You can start with 17-18 hours and after eating dinner, and finish on the second day at the same time.

During this period, you need to keep yourself in line, do not smoke, drink, curse, or eat. You concentrate very much on smiling, love, and happiness.

Why all this? Because most diseases have a psychological basis. First, there you need to clean up your head/mind in order to lose weight, to reject bad habits, addictions, diseases, to become a cheerful person, full of joy.

After a while, you add another day in addition to fasting day. For example, in the case of weight loss, you add a second day during which you do not consume any carbohydrates, but you eat a lot of healthy fats. In the case of smoking, you cut your smoking in half that day and so on. You get the idea.

The most important thing is to program your mind on the fasting day, which serves as a basis to reject the habits of excessive eating, drinking, smoking, anxiety, etc.

What diet is good and healthy?

It does not matter if you eat meat or do not eat meat.

The most important thing is to do everything in moderation. Weight is not the most important thing, because through poor diet you can lose muscle or water instead of fat. Look in the mirror and evaluate your progress.

If, for example, you lose weight too quickly and lose muscle, it means that you are going in the wrong direction, it means that you have to radically change what you are doing.

Diet is also not a religion.

Watch out because there is a new trend in the world.

People say, “I’m a vegan … I’m a vegetarian … I’m a carnivore … that is, this philosophy is a part of me.”

Is this not a cult, an ideology?

Food is only part of our life, it’s not religion or ideology. There are more important things than focusing on food to this extent.

They captivate people with health, various forms of vegetarianism, invent strange names, methods, and in fact, in the long term, they destroy the psyche and the body.

Before you pursue a given diet, look at how people look after doing it. If they look old, too thin, unnatural it means that the diet is bad and causes losses in the body and mental state.

I advise a mixed diet rich in meat, fruit, and vegetables, that is, eat small diverse meals. A meal is a pleasure, not torture. The range of products should be wide.

Today, fruits, vegetables, and meat are at a lower quality. The same plants and fruits that are eaten by vegans are also eaten by animals. They are sprayed with Roundup, fertilized and often GMO. Therefore, focusing only on one group of products may not provide all the substances that the body needs.

After some time, you can develop disease.

In the present times of globalism, where we are poisoned from every direction we need various foods, plants, meat, and supplements.

You may disagree, but those are the times we live in.

 Kasia BrzozaKasia Brzoza

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