bacteriaWhat are resistant bacteria?

These are bacteria that have become resistant to all antibiotics.

How do such bacteria form?

Here are some of the reasons why they form:

  1. People more and more often go on vacation abroad, to work abroad or for other purposes, which also promotes the rapid movement of bacteria.
  2. Unreasonable and ill-considered use of antibiotics.

It is through the use of antibiotics for all kinds of ailments, we produce bacteria resistant to drugs.

Runny nose? A cold? Feeling bad? Those simple things are the reasons why you are reaching for an antibiotic.

By taking the drug for the same disease again, you make it less effective because bacteria have learned to defend against it.

3. Eating the meat of animals that are stuffed with drugs and antibiotics.

These resistant bacteria also form through the use of antibiotics in animals. This happens in large pig, cattle, or poultry farms. When the meat of such an animal reaches your table, it is not free of bactericidal substances. And once you consume them, they end up in your body.

4. Consuming food with chemical additives and preservatives.

In this case, it happens similarly to eating infected meat. Together with food, they get into your body and disrupt the balanced functioning of the bacterial flora and your protective barrier.

These bacteria do not have to cause serious diseases right away. Many people are just carriers. Despite the fact that they are in their body, there are no symptoms.

We’re talking about a group of healthy people tho. In their case, such a bacterium can live in the body for many years, without symptoms.

Another group of people with health burdens, older people may have problems right away. In such people, the bacterium can cause a number of diseases: from mild symptoms such as gastrointestinal infection to severe, such as meningitis and even sepsis.

However, we must take into account the situation in which even people resistant to this type of bacteria (carriers) at the time of weakening of the body (weakened immune system), exhaustion, after surgery or during illness, may have a problem with a dormant bacterium in the body, can cause numerous diseases.

So how do you protect yourself?

We should prevent them from reproducing.

Doctors prescribe the same substances. Pharmaceutical companies only change drug names, but in fact, they are all the same. Bacteria have had a lot of time to become resistant to these drugs.

When you have a runny nose, a cough, or a slight cold – do not reach for the antibiotic immediately. In many articles, we have described natural substances that cure many diseases.

Let’s leave antibiotics for a really bad time, as a last resort.

It is very important here to be aware that sometimes in a hurry we ourselves contribute to the transmission of bacteria. We often do this unconsciously.

We need to form a habit of frequent and thorough hand washing. There are videos where they show how to do it carefully because surprisingly we do not know how to wash hands correctly. 

After each use of the toilet, after each use of public places, where we touch objects previously touched by other people, after returning from work, shopping or walking – each time we should wash our hands thoroughly.

In the event that we had contact with a sick person, we were in a clinic, a hospital, in addition to washing hands; we should wash the throat with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and change clothes. Harmful pathogens can also settle on your clothing.

 Source: Health without medications, article „ Super bacteria-deadly threat ” dr Ania Kołodziejska.

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