Women are poisoned with glyphosate

glyphosate poisonSeveral times I wrote about the lack of reaction from the government institutions on the topic of polluting the environment with RoundUp.

Nobody sees anything unreasonable in the massive poison of society.

A secure position is the most important thing to them.

Who will interfere with the interests of large corporations, such as Monsanto-Syngenta, or in consequence Du Point?

And the fact that groups of women in the Senate, local councils, or medicine do nothing and let themselves be poisoned (just like the guinea pigs) is another topic of concern.

Similarly, to the collective silence of all sorts of institutions such as Gynecological, Oncological or Pediatric Societies, not to mention the Medical Chambers.

We should, therefore, reflect on their role as the representative bodies. After all, they definitely do not care for your health and your offspring, or the health of men, lovers, or husbands.

The new studies about RoundUp appeared, proving that glyphosate, the basic ingredient in RoundUp, is everywhere.

I wrote earlier that it is present in the urine and the milk of nursing women.

It is known that when such a mother feeds a child with a carcinogenic substance, it can not be healthy.

The research performed at the University of La Plata has proven that glyphosate is everywhere:

  • in medical and cosmetic swabs,
  • in tissues,
  • in tampons,
  • in the dressing gauzes.

For those who are unfamiliar: women’s tampons and pads are kept in the crotch, and there, as we know, it is always warm and moist.

The result is that glyphosate passes from the vaginal mucosa into the body.

Researchers found glyphosate in 85% of the samples tested, its AMPA metabolite in 65% of the samples tested.

Glyphosate was classified by WHO as most likely a carcinogen.

It turns out that all cotton produced in Argentina is resistant to Glyphosate, or GMO.

Unfortunately, it is the same in the USA. GMO cotton is of inferior quality, its filaments are shorter and more fragile, thus its probability of staying in the vagina is larger.

The research was carried out not to detect glyphosate, but to find so-called products controls, i.e. pure products that did not contain this poison.

According to the leading expert of the group, Dr. Medardo Acila Vazquez, the researchers were very surprised to detect glyphosate in gauze dressings. After all, doctors put this carcinogenic substance straight on the wounds.

The International Research Agency on cancer last year changed the glyphosate qualification from “possibly” carcinogenic to the “probable” carcinogen.

And a simple question, which of the Ladies know about this?

The councilors in Barcelona forbade the use of Glyphosate by municipal services, precisely for the sake of children’s health.

This is due to the simple fact that RoundUp is perfectly soluble in water and stays in the environment for a long time, contaminating the subcutaneous water. RoudUp is toxic to both aquatic organisms and farm animals.

Due to the fact that the glyphosate patent expired in 2000, it is currently sold under various names throughout the world.

As you can see, our councilors are helpless, because they are completely uninterested in your health. They prefer to complain about people dying from cancer rather than take an action.

100% of the society in the USA has the ability to read and write 98% of them do not know for what purpose.

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