dietsColin T. Campbell is a doctor who had a serious dilemma in life: he had to choose between his own professional career and publicizing scientific discoveries that could change the world for the better, showing how important the diet is.

This man faced the CIA agents knocking at his door asking questions about his discovery. His colleagues warned him about continuing controversial research. He was threatened with losing his job, but Campbell decided to tell the truth.

Colin T. Campbell is a professor at Cornell University. He found that eating foods like meat, fish, and milk is the main reason for many chronic diseases and cancer. He also found a close relationship between breast cancer and casein – a protein found in milk.

Although Campbell is a professional doctor, he does not share the opinion of other well-known doctors and fights for the health of all people, including those who can not afford pharmaceutical treatment.

In addition, he believes that doctors are not specialists in nutrition and should not propose diets to their patients because they lack education in this area.

Opposed to the activities of academic medicine, Campbell spent 50 years in laboratories and now wants to share the results of his tedious work. He wants to tell the world that small changes in nutrition are enough to reduce the risk of progressive illnesses, including cancer. In addition, he claims that the diet itself can completely cure a person with cancer.

Campbell’s results indicate that the consumption of animal products activates cancer cells. Limiting the consumption of meat can; therefore, reduce the risk of cancer. Let us explain this: a diet rich in protein causes the spread of cancer cells and transforms oxygen into free radicals, which are a frequent cause of cancer. The result of this research is that it is in plants that there is a natural cure for cancer.

Colin T. Campbell grew up on a farm in a conservative family. He grew up convinced that milk has great nutritional value, however, when he began his medical career, he was very surprised.

Well, by studying the protein diet among children in the Philippines, he found a connection between animal protein and liver cancer. He was even more surprised when he read about similar Indian research results.

Everything he believed in until then was denied, so in 2005, together with his son, he wrote a book on diet and epidemiological research.

He did not expect such a big response from the readers or that the book would sell in over a million copies and be translated into more than 25 different languages.

In 2013, he published another bestseller, in which he writes about the carcinogenic effect of casein. Although Campbell’s studies have not been accepted by everyone, some admit that a diet based on vegetables can cure heart disease.

A professor from Harvard, Edward Giovannucci, agrees with the theory of Campbell, and also adds that the biggest problem in the Western world is that people eat too much. He believes that the right diet is the basis of health all over the world.

Unfortunately, although these facts have long been public, people still prefer to consume animal products. Research has shown that milk does not improve the bone condition, but the opposite: it increases the risk of osteoporosis in later years. However, despite the attempts, Cornell Chronicle failed to publish these applications because of too much pressure from the big pharmaceutical industry.

This is more or less the source version of the article. It is interested in the fact that a healthy lifestyle, good diet, peace of mind, physical activity and others will protect us from everything. It’s all about that and that’s it! We need to totally strengthen natural prophylaxis, which is aimed towards the lifestyle, the so-called everyday life. Is this a secret?



Author’s Comment

There has been a discussion, for a long time, whether to eat meat or drink milk or if a vegetarian diet will cause a shortage of specific substances.

Our opinion on this matter is unchangeable.

We advocate a varied diet. Eating meat constantly is unhealthy. Eating, non-stop, the same kind of products may result in the lack of certain substances, that are not contained in these products.

You should definitely limit the amount of food you eat; pasta, flour products, that is, all that “fills you up”, substitute for healthier food.

In our opinion, healthy people should eat varied, small meals of good quality.

Sick people should establish a diet with a specialist and exclude those products that affect their body negatively and eat those that fight the disease.

It is very silly to switch to a given diet simply because it is fashionable and many people do.

The diet should be made exclusively for each person. Each of us has different illnesses, ailments, weight, etc.

It may turn out that the vegetarian diet will be perfect for one person, but the other person will get sick after a few years of such a diet.

One of the universal diets is the ketogenic diet. I recommend it for sick people.

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