dietsAtkins diet, low-fat diet, low carbohydrate diet, gluten-free diet, vegetarian diet, juice fasting…. the world competes in inventing newer and more attractive names as well as diets.

Have you ever experienced a yo-yo effect after completing a diet?

Have you ever noticed that three months after the end of the diet, the positive effects completely disappeared?

I will take a guess … this happens in at least 90% of cases.

People discipline themselves day and night to eat clean. They are on the verge of a mental breakdown, they feel terrible, because how long can you eat the same thing: vegetables, meat etc.

Didn’t you think in your heart, “What’s the point? What kind of effect do I want to achieve by using, for example, the gluten-free diet? “

If you answer is: “I want to lose weight”, it means that you still need more knowledge. You are still at the stage of a preschooler.

Any diet should be banned!

They can do more harm than good.


Analyze your Health

First write down on a piece of paper, your conditions or illnesses.

But do not write an absurdity such as “I want to lose weight”.

Write, for example, “I have a constant digestive problem”, “I often experience esophagitis”, “I have little energy”, “I often have a bloated stomach”, “I have a constant rash”, “I have heart palpitations”, etc.

Let’s say you write five to ten conditions.

Have you noticed that these cover different parts of your body?

How do you know if a gluten-free diet will repair your skin, or how do you know that a vegetarian diet will eliminate the bloated stomach?

Do you have the gift of seeing the future?

I will say more; no WISE doctor knows the answer to that.

And the doctor who knows everything and prescribes pills for everything does not heal but only hurts his patients.

Okay, you can play Russian roulette and for all your conditions use a diet, ex. gluten-free.

After three months, it will turn out that you are healthier.

But after six months of using the diet, will you still be healthier?

Not necessarily anymore.

Not only can all conditions come back, you can get new illnesses.

What’s the reason?

Bad nutrition of the body.

Before you apply any diet, first ask yourself: “Am I ready for it?”.

Time to go back to school

Never, ever use any diet until:

♣ you will not learn how to have a constant, high stomach acidity,

♣ you will not learn how to have a constantly hydrated body,

♣ you will not learn how to have a healthy intestinal flora,

♣ you will not learn how to avoid flu in winter,

♣ you will not learn how to avoid acidified body,

♣ you will not learn how to constantly take care of your heart,

♣ you will not learn how to keep your body in a good shape,

♣ you will not learn how to smile every day

♣ you will not learn how to love people.

If you want to tear the spirit away from the body, then you will never be healthy …

How to enter the adulthood life?

Until you won’t “leave” the school, until you won’t learn about the issues above, never ever use any diet!

When you permanently implement these topics, many diseases will go away, as the wind passes by.

I asked a young person whom I helped: “what specifically helped you to heal your stomach?”.

She replied fantastically: “I have no idea.”

And this is the right answer!

Modern medicine has damaged our proper perception of health.

Over the years, they have convinced us that there is a pill for every condition.

This is false and hypocrisy!

Most pills are good for pharmaceutical concerns only!

What’s next?

For several months, you should implement into your life these simple methods, which we describe in our e-books and articles.

Once they become your everyday life, just then analyze your health again.

If a particular condition has not been cured by changing your lifestyle, then think about what diet would cure your condition.

Only in such a situation, there is a point in applying a certain diet.

If you have a poor condition of your stomach and use for example a three-month vegetable diet, you can get sick.

To the point that your entire health will go sideways.

If a nutritionist, without implementing these basics, prescribes you some diet, then quickly run away from him. Because he’s a bloodsucker.

For example, a doctor should not cure a given disease, without prescribing, for example, hydration of the body first.

Warning! This does not apply for a month or three months only.

But entire lifetime.

Does it mean that you have to drink 3-4 liters of water every day?

Not at all.

Drink as much water with good kind of salt to have white or slightly yellow urine.

Why salt?

To stop the water in the body and provide the body with minerals that are in salt.

I am sorry to look at people who have stents, cardiac pacemakers, and constantly emerging new diseases.

You can not help them because they are glorifying the doctors.

Simply, it would be enough to go out on a thirty-minute walk every day. Disease, depression would soon pass.

And then logical thinking would come back.

What kind?

If I take 20 pills a day and my health worsens, will the twenty-first pill heal me?

 Kasia BrzozaKasia Brzoza

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