kombucha cultureKombucha is produced by fermenting tea using a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Let’s not confuse it with the Tibetan mushroom. Kombucha was called a secret of longevity.

In eastern medicine, it was used for over 2000 years. Kombucha was first found in Asia (about 2000 years) and then it came to Europe.

It has an amazing effect on our health, and most importantly this excellent drink can be prepared at home.

What is kombucha?

The name comes from the word “kombu” – brown alga and “cha”- drink.

This refreshing drink is created by the fermentation of tea and sugar, with the participation of kombucha culture.

The kombucha culture looks like a creamy pancake, up to 20 cm in diameter.

What is it?

It is a few colonies of yeasts and bacterial strains that live together in symbiosis.

Both the culture and the drink, produced from the tea, are called – kombucha.

How does kombucha benefit your health?

If you drink kombucha regularly then it:

  • Improves your physical and mental health,
  • Stabilizes your metabolism,
  • detoxifies your entire body,
  • strengthens the body’s immune system,
  • improves well-being, soothes the nerves
  • helps in the treatment of psoriasis,
  • inhibits the growth putrefying and pathogenic bacteria,
  • prevents intestinal mycosis,
  • stabilizes the blood pressure,
  • helps to burn body fat,
  • reduces the symptoms of menopause,
  • reduces the risk of cancer,
  • reduces the symptoms of asthma,
  • reduces the symptoms of a migraine,
  • restores the balance of the intestinal microflora after antibiotic treatment,
  • stimulates the production of digestive juices in the stomach and pancreas.

What is in kombucha?

  • Acids: glucuronic acid (L+), lactic acid, acetic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, folic acid, small amounts of amber, malonic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid.
  • Minerals: iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc.
  • Vitamins: B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, B-12, C.

Researchers around the world are interested in the properties of kombucha.

Also, Polish scientists from the Medical University of Lodz conducted a series of studies on the influence of kombucha on our health.

In the United States, it is a very popular drink, produced on a large scale.

How to make kombucha at home?

 The breeding of a tea culture at home is simple and does not require a lot of work.

However, first, you have to buy it or get it from someone.

There is a large selection of kombucha culture on the internet. The price depends on its size, but it is not excessive.

Once you buy this tea culture, you will receive it in a dish, immersed in the liquid.

This is important because the liquid is a drink and a basis for your future breeding.

In addition, we need tea and sugar.

I am guessing that at this point many of you will be discouraged because sugar is not good. This sugar is not for us but only for the culture that provides it with nutrients.

Recipe for 1 liter of beverage:

  • You will need a 1 Liter glass jar, gauze, and an elastic band.
  • Kombucha culture with liquid.
  • 1 liter of brewed, cooled tea (1 teaspoon of white or red or green or black tea or a properly selected mixture)
  • 100-125 g (around ½ of a glass) of sugar.
  1. Brew the tea, wait until it’s properly brewed, and sweeten it with sugar until it completely dissolves.
  2. Transfer cooled tea to the prepared jar.
  3. Pour the culture liquid, put in the washed kombucha culture.
  4. Cover the jar with gauze and wrap it with an elastic band.
  5. Put the jar in a warm place (about 20 degrees C) and a dark place.

 The culture changes its location in the jar, it can be on the bottom, in the middle, another time it floats on the surface. That is its proper behavior.

Just make sure that it does not stay on the surface for too long because it can develop mold. If it did, you must thoroughly wash it and soak it in a vinegar for a while. After this treatment, we can start producing the drink again.

After about 8-12 days, the drink is ready for consumption.

How will you know that the drink is ready?

After shaking the jar, bubbles should appear, the flavor should be slightly sour, and carbonated.

Then pour the drink from the jar into the glass containers. Strain the drink so that you do not get any fragments of the cultures into your drink. A small amount of ready drink should be put aside for a few days to strengthen the fermentation of the liquid for the next leaven.

The kombucha culture should be submerged in the liquid at all times because otherwise, it will die without the liquid and sugar.

Before making new kombucha, you should wash the kombucha culture thoroughly in a cold water. If you can see brown deposits on the culture, then remove them.

The longer you ferment this drink, the more spicy and acetic it is.

If you have never drunk this type of fermented beverages, you should start with a small amount and gradually increase it – up to about a glass a day.

I do not recommend drinking this beverage before bedtime because immediately after consuming it, you feel a surge of energy and this can negatively affect your sleep.

As with any new thing, you need to consume it moderately, because you may feel worse at first, diarrhea, bloating or constipation may occur. This is not a bad thing because it is a normal body reaction to the detoxification process. Our body detoxifies and excretes toxins.

The tea kombucha culture lives quite a long time and can reproduce several times during its lifetime.

Small kombucha cultures are transparent and difficult to grasp, with time they can be caught and put in a separate jar so they can grow and expand.

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