isotonic drinksIt is during exercise and increased physical activity that our body overheats; in the result, it reaches for carbohydrates (in your body) and in turn, we start to feel tired.

What minerals are lost along with sweat?

During the increased physical activity, we lose: sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium and some vitamins.

Everyone around is proclaiming that isotonic drinks are the best way to restore the fluid balance.

However, is this truly the case?

But first let’s find out:

What are isotonic drinks?

According to the general concept, these are fluids which concentration is comparable to that of body fluids. They contain water, minerals, carbohydrates and some vitamins. Their job is to effectively hydrate the body and to maintain the balance of minerals in the body.

These drinks are divided, among others, into: hypotonic and hypertonic. A good example of a hypotonic drink is water. It is generally known that the concentration of minerals in water is lower than in the body’s fluids.

The water gets absorbed quickly, but it doesn’t really replenish you or provides you with nutrients, on the contrary, you quickly excrete it, either with sweat or with urine and by the way you will wash out more minerals from your body.

Hypertonic drinks include juices. In juices, in turn, the amount of minerals and carbohydrates (sugars) is greater than in your body fluids. That is why they do not hydrate you quickly, they only provide energy and carbohydrates.

We know that the dehydrated body works slower. We also know that even a small dehydration of your body can be dangerous to your health. Researchers assume that water loss of about 5% of body weight causes a decrease in productivity by as much as 30%.

What’s the conclusion?

For sure, isotonic drinks help you regain energy. Thanks to the carbohydrate content, they add energy. For light training, swimming, running or cycling, it is enough to fill up the fluids. However, when you perform more intensive and longer exercises, you need to supplement your body with not only liquids but also electrolytes.

Also, people who want to lose weight and exercise heavily should not take fluids containing carbohydrates. Thanks to this, the body will take carbohydrates from the fat tissues. You’ll lose weight faster.

Do you drink isotonic drinks or artificial “fakes”?

Isotonic drinks are often confused with sweetened, colored liquids. The market is flooded with such, supposedly, isotonic beverages. Commonly known are Gatorade, Powerade, Isostar.

I will only mention that, for example, Powerade is produced by Coca-Cola. After reading its ingredients, I do not see the need to buy it because, in addition to water and sugar, it contains only synthetic vitamins and artificial colors. Their side effects could be shocking. They have nothing to do with real isotonic beverages.

However, drinking plain water is also not enough.

In addition to water, it is important to maintain the levels of:

  • sodium: it is thanks to this component that the water is properly absorbed by our body. Additionally, it maintains the balance of electrolytes and proper body temperature,
  • potassium: this component, in turn, participates in most of the processes necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles and our nervous system,
  • magnesium, calcium: are responsible for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

The easiest to absorb are carbohydrates, i.e. glucose, fructose, maltose, sucrose, maltodextrin. Thanks to them you have energy and strength, however … the greater the concentration of carbohydrates in drinks, the weaker the hydration of the body. These types of drinks stay in your stomach for a long time.

Therefore, the best source of hydration and supplementation of minerals to your body, you can get by drinking good quality mineral water with a bit of the best Himalayan salt.

It is a perfect supplementation of minerals and hydration to the body. In addition, they get rid of headaches and fatigue.

How to make a natural isotonic drink?

Fortunately, we have many opportunities to make good quality isotonic drinks that quickly maintain the proper levels of your liquids.

  • The best and most important is water and salt.
  • Next is water – around 2 glasses, two tablespoons of honey, juice of freshly squeezed lemon, ¼ teaspoon of the best Himalayan salt. It’s best to prepare it in the evening and take it with you to work out the next day. Store in a refrigerator in a glass bottle. Based on this, you can prepare many similar drinks by converting lemon juice into orange juice or another.
  • Beer: I recently read that beer (not beers :)) is a great isotonic drink. It has the same osmotic pressure as our blood. It contains vitamins and microelements.

I recommend making an isotonic drink by yourself. Not only do you know the exact components of the fluid, but also it appropriately hydrates the body.

One more important remark: you should take your liquids carefully, properly chilled, not cold and not warm, because the latter stays longer in the stomach.

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