fatsIt has been said for the longest time now that: fat is harmful to us, butter is unhealthy, cream and lard are also bad. They scare us with the argument that eating fat causes obesity, atherosclerotic disease, cholesterol, or even dementia.

Is it true?

Is fat important to your diet?

1) First of all, fat is a solvent for vitamins such as: A, E, D, K.

2) It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. These fats inhibit inflammation in our body.

3) It is also necessary for the synthesis of certain hormones.

4) It is responsible for maintaining constant body temperature because its calorific value is a source of fast energy, needed just to maintain this temperature.

5) The right fats care for our vascular and cardiac systems and for the condition of our skin and hair.

6) Dishes prepared with fat are tastier and ease swallowing.

For many years, we have been informed that only vegetable fats are healthy.

However, the most dangerous fats are created from vegetable fats; so-called trans fats, which task is to extend the shelf life of fats. They are responsible for metabolic disorders, the emergence of type 2 diabetes, the development of cancer and heart disease, and other diseases.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers inform us about that on the packaging of their products, because they do not have such an obligation or they lie to us by writing: partially hardened or hydrated fat. It should be noted that these bad fats are found in many products: margarine, fast food, sweets, biscuits, chocolate bars, chips, sticks, fries, and ready-made dishes and soups. They are caused by frying of dishes on oils for a longer time.

What kind of fats are healthy?

And here we come to the bottom of this issue.

We can only fry food on the right oils. Certainly, do not use sunflower, linseed, corn, etc. for this purpose. You can only fry on the right fats.

The best are animal fats or homemade butter. You should fry food at the temperature of smoking – 250 degrees Celsius, goose lard and pork lard – 220 degrees Celsius.

The vegetable fats that we can use include: coconut oil, palm oil, refined olive oil, rice oil. They have a similar smoking temperature.

Unrefined oils such as: sunflower, linseed, corn, soy, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, should only be used cold. When you use margarine or unrefined oil for frying, you will cause unsaturated fats to turn into free fatty acids and glycerol. Then trans fats and free radicals form.

What do these two substances cause?

Inflammation, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension. Besides, free radicals damage the DNA of cell nuclei, and thus healthy cells are transformed into cancer cells.

It is; therefore, essential to throw away trans fats from your diet and use appropriate fats when frying food.

You need to pay attention to what fats we eat; how much you eat; and how you combine them. Improper fusion of fats with carbohydrates results in obesity, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Mr. Kwaśniewski in his famous diet, eliminates carbohydrates in favor of fat, the same applies to the ketogenic diet, after which people lose weight and cure many diseases.

Fats are crucial for the proper functioning of your body. You have a lot of good products rich in good fats: egg yolks, avocado fruits, sea fish, wild salmon, nuts, sunflower seeds, unrefined vegetable oils and more.

Even people with impaired digestion of fats should not give up eating them.

They are indispensable. Without healthy fats, you will become sick.


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