kindofwaterAs it is commonly known, all living organisms, on the Earth, need water to survive. Human, as part of nature, is built in 70% of water. So, why do we give so little attention to appropriate hydration of our body? Why do we think that by drinking coffee, tea, juice, soups, or other liquid foods, we provide all the necessary water?

Do you also water plants with coffee, and give tea or juice to our animals instead of water?

Of course not.

Water doesn’t have any substitutes.

So, we must answer two very important questions:

  1. Where can you find healthy and delicious water to drink everyday?
  2. How much water should we drink everyday?

The answer to the latter question is much easier, so let’s start with it! All you have to do is an easy calculation: you multiply your body weight (in kg) by .03 (30 ml of water for every 1 kg of body weight). For example, a man that weights 80 kg must drink around 2.4L of water (80kg x .03= 2.4L). Easy, right?

Now let’s move on to a key question number 1: Where can you find healthy and delicious water for everyday?

Let’s think about all the available options:

Water in Plastic bottles

Not many people know that water from plastic bottles can really endanger your health.

  • It has a negative effect on the endocrine system.

Bisphenol A (BPA) contained in plastic bottle structurally resembles female hormone- estrogen, and its activity can cause serious health issues: difficulties in getting pregnant, erectile dysfunction, increased risk of developing breast or prostate cancer. The scientists from Goethe University Frankfurt listed 24,520 harmful substances found in water from plastic bottles, which cause among others, serious disturbances to the endocrine system.

  • It is connected to the development of chronic diseases.

Diabetes, asthma, obesity, and even cancer- these are the alignments that can be caused by BPA and antimony, which are used to produce plastic water bottles.

  • It increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

BPA successfully increases blood pressure and can cause blood clots. Furthermore, it can even lead to heart attack and stroke. Additionally, this ingredient can also be responsible for problems with obesity, asthma, and thyroid.

  • It contains micro-particles of plastic.

It was proved that by drinking water from plastic bottles, microparticles of plastic enter your body.

  • It is unfriendly for the environment.

Used and thrown away, a plastic bottle will take 500 years to decompose in the environment, making it more toxic.

Filtered Water

Nowadays, water filter jugs, based on carbon filters, appear in our houses more often. The water that is filtered through such a system is successfully cleaned out of naturally occurring microorganisms and bacteria, but also micro and macro elements. Finally, we get sterilized water that is useless to your body. A danger associated with using those filters are also bacteria that the water is filtered from. It stays on the filter, where it has great conditions to multiply and grow. While pouring filtered water into the glass, there is a risk that some drops will come off, from the filter, bringing with them some colonies of bacteria. Let’s also remember that most water filter jugs are made of plastic, so they can “enrich” water with many harmful substances.

Tap Water

Knowing that one day it was coming from rivers, and other water containers, we approach it rather negatively. However, are we correct in thinking so? Luckily, much has changed throughout the years. Most of the water supply comes from the wells. The quality of such water is great and its composition is much better than most of the bottled water. The only problem with tap water is chlorine, which is added to it, and the condition (cleanness) of water pipes because uncleaned and unpreserved can be a cause of contamination.

Then what should you choose?

 Most often it is recommended to drink cleansed water from copper containers.

It is a fully natural and old method of filtering the water. Copper is an oligodynamic metal meaning that it is an element which, in a natural way, destroys microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, algae, pneumococci, and others. Even the most dangerous bacteria to human, E. coli, can’t survive in the copper container for longer than 20 mins, similarly to streptococcus and staphylococcus. Drinking water from copper container is very important from the point of the acid-base balance. The copper container, in which you keep the water, renews its vitality, ionizes, energizes, and balances the pH. Thanks to those processes, you drink “live” water, which is much better absorbed by the cells, hydrates you better, and helps to neutralize toxins in the body. Copper as a strong antioxidant prevents the aging processes of the cells by destroying free radicals. Copper is an antagonist to mercury and lead helps to naturally remove them from the body.

How does it work?

Pour tap water into the copper container and leave it for 16 hours. And that’s it. After that time, you receive water rich in micro and macro elements, and without chlorine, harmful bacteria, viruses, algae, and others. This is an extremely successful and semi-cheap way to acquire healthy and delicious water. Enjoy!

Source: “Water” from magazine “health without medications” (6/19)

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