salt solutionIt’s getting cold and dull; there is winter outside our windows. A wave of colds, runny noses, and sore joints is coming …

And here wraps of salt solution in the form of a dressing come to your aid.

This is another method that you can try out when you are ill.

Salt dressings have quite a strong effect.

They must be dressings – bandages that are breathable (allow the air to flow in and out).

They can be linen or cotton fabrics, towels folded in 4 layers, and gauzes in 8 layers.

How to prepare a good salt solution?

Saline solution with water may have a maximum concentration of 10%. Higher levels can cause several complications, such as aches and pains.

It is generally accepted:

  1. 2 teaspoons of salt per glass of water (250 ml). This solution is about 8% and is safe for use in children.
  2. 2 teaspoons of salt per 200 ml is a 10% solution, for use in adults.

Salt solution wraps have very good fluid absorption properties, which are accumulated in the human body, meaning they absorb toxins and eliminate congestion. That is why it is so important when preparing them that the material is permeable to air.

How do we make salt solution wraps?

To do this, prepare a gauze, which you should fold several times so that it is still breathable.

We prepare the salt solution from good quality salt (so that it has a lot of minerals SUCH AS Himalayan Salt) and hot water (not necessarily distilled), water temperature about 60 degrees C.

Then, soak the dressing in a saline solution (salt and water), wring it out slightly and apply to clean, previously washed skin (sore place). Must be moderately moist.

Keep the wrap for about 10-15 hours.

After removing the wrap, wash the salt off the body.

This dressing works gradually. You should not put anything on such a dressing, you can only ensemble it to your body.

As an interesting fact, I will say that with headaches and runny nose, we apply the dressing on the forehead and the back of the head for the whole night. It will help many people right away.

For flu, such a dressing should be applied to the forehead and neck simultaneously. You can also put it on your back. It’s best to leave it all night.

Such dressings are also used in cosmetics for bags under the eyes to remove them and clean the skin. They are often a sign of toxins in the body.

This surprisingly simple method cures a lot of ailments:

  • extracts toxins from the body,
  • helps fight infections,
  • relieves inflammation of the joints, muscles, and colds.

I recommend you test it!

 Kasia BrzozaKasia Brzoza

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