hairWith passing years, your hair thins out faster. This problem touches men as well as women, but men suffer the consequences faster. The reasons for hair loss may be genetics, hormonal imbalance, improper hair care, lifestyle, and diet. These factors also decide about the intensity and extent of the problem.

The reasons for hair thinning

Hair emerging out of a hair follicle takes about 3 to 6 years to fully grow; then it goes into a phase of rest. The rate, at which the hair grows, is 1-1.5 cm a month and, of course, it decreases with age. After the phase of rest, which lasts about 3 months, the hair falls out. Usually, 85-90 % of hair is in a growing phase, the rest are in the resting phase and will fall out. However, it is a natural process and new hair grows in the place of the fallen ones. Therefore, if this process isn’t interrupted, one should have thick hair until old age. However, this doesn’t happen for most people! With time hair loses its elasticity, smoothness, healthy look, and color.

Why does that happen?

There are many reasons for hair loss:

  • Aging – We often hear that it is a natural process. However, as one can see above, it shouldn’t be. The process of growing hair is ideal. And if it is interrupted, it causes hair loss. That’s why, in my opinion, aging shouldn’t be a factor in hair loss.
  • Smoking,
  • Food(Overeating, eating irregularly, eating unhealthy, eating on the run, eating large quantities of “junk food”)
  • Deficiency of Vitamins, for example: Vitamin B, zinc, copper, selenium, iron, iodine.
  • Working under toxic conditions where chemicals or other carcinogens are present
  • Stress,
  • Using hot tools, chemical treatments, etc., toxic cosmetics
  • Excessive consumption of sugar,
  • Existing diseases or new emerging disease

The entire skin on your head is equipped in thin capillary blood vessels, which “feed” the hair follicles. With passing years, these thin vessels get clogged up (even by sticky blood caused by diabetes), and the blood circulation weakens. The hair follicles start to “starve” as they don’t get all the important nutrients from the blood, and they die- in result the hair falls out. Every plant dies when the root doesn’t get proper food and the same goes for hair. 

How to prolong healthy thick hair?

You can prevent the loss of hair, color, elasticity, or natural texture.

1. Good diet

The main element for improving your hair condition (as well as delaying the aging process) is appropriate nutrition. Your diet should include:

  • Polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids- fish, nuts, canola oil, etc.
  • Vitamin E- (vegetable oils, grains, nuts, seeds.)
  • Magnesium (nuts, dried fruits, green leafy vegetables)
  • Potassium (beans, pumpkin, carrot, tomato)
  • Iron (nuts, dried fruits, sea algae, liver, meat, spinach, egg yolk)
  • Zinc (beans, vegetables, grain sprouts)It should not be neglected because it naturally regulates DHT at the level of the hair follicle (it is contained in the protein of animal origin).
  • Calcium (kiwi, black currant, green leafy vegetables)
  • Carotenoids (yellow, red, orange, and green vegetables and fruits)
  • turmeric – it contains curcumin; it is a universal anti-inflammatory substance.
  • Ginger – it comes from the same family as turmeric; therefore, it also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The hair follicle is made mostly from proteins. Many mammalians contribute as much as 30% of daily protein intake for hair production. The same thing applies in the case of humans. If you do not supply your body with the right amount of proteins, then you will become bald. Products that contain lots of proteins are good quality eggs from the farm, countryside cottage cheese, good quality meat, fish.
  • Additionally, your diet should be low in sugar, junk food

2. Supplementation

Of course, we should always get all the vitamins and minerals from our diet. However, low quality of food including fruits and vegetables forces us to use supplements. The wrong diet that doesn’t provide you with the appropriate number of micronutrients especially vitamins B, C, D, iron, zinc, and amino acids, and other mentioned above should also be complemented with appropriate supplements.  Also, remember to learn to love the sun. It helps even with hair loss. In the wintertime, when the sunlight is limited take vitamin D3.

In women, transitioning into menopause, iron deficiency can cause hair loss. You need to do a test for ferritin iron levels. A low level of fewer than 40 micrograms / l- explains this problem. You should start to use supplements or medication: biotin, vitamin B8, pantothenic acid B5.

3. Head Massage

If one of the reasons for hair loss is poor blood circulation, then you must stop this process. To achieve this, you must massage your hair every day. The great thing about this is that you can do it everywhere even in front of the TV. Press your fingertips (applying good pressure) on your scalp and start the massage going in every direction. You can also massage your scalp with towel immersed in nettle decoction. However, the fingers work better. This massage should last 2-3 minutes. You can see the results after 3-4 months of consistent massages. Also, take your time to massage your hair while washing your hair. Interestingly, if the hair follicle hasn’t died yet, the massage can bring it back to life and cause it to produce new hair. However, don’t expect that all of a sudden you will grow back your hair. The massage is rather a prevention method. It stimulated alive hair follicles and keeps them “alive and working”.

4. Herb therapies

  • Aloe Vera- contains energizing and antioxidant properties. Thanks to that it prevents aging processes including hair aging. You may take aloe Vera gel internally (1 tablespoon three times a day) or externally (by placing on your scalp and hair).
  • Maidenhair tree- successfully improves blood circulation (especially in the brain and the skin on your scalp). This improves intellectual functioning as well as circulation in hair follicles. You should be drinking this decoction (made from leaves) 1 glass 3 times a day.
  • Nettle- is the best remedy for actually everything. It is a demineralizing plant that delays the aging processes including hair loss. The decoction should be prepared from leaves and stalks of nettle. You should wash your hair with the decoction as well as drink it.
  • Horsetail- similarly to the nettle, thanks to a high content of silicon (element) has demineralizing properties. It can be used prophylactically to strengthen the hair. Similarly, you must make a decoction to wash your hair with as well as drink it.
  • Saw palmetto- Its fruits successfully prevent hair loss. In this case, you take the extract in the form of a tablet (2 tablets a day, in the morning and at night).

5. Healthy hair care

Hopefully, I don’t need to mention that your shampoo, conditioner, as well as other hair products, should be natural, non-toxic. You should take a look at all the harmful ingredients in your hair products that destroy your hair bits by bits every time you use them. When they are supposed to help, they actually do the opposite by adding all the chemicals into your hair and speeding up the hair loss. If you haven’t done so change to non-toxic products and you will see the positive result. Interestingly lots of toxins enter your body (not only hair) through your head, so that’s another thing to think about.

Source: magazine “discover your health”, “how to have beautiful and healthy hair” by Slawomir Smielowski (07/2019)

E-book: “how to get rid of grey hair” by Marta and Kasia Brzoza

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