chmielYou might know hop mainly because it is used for beer production. Thanks to the hops flowers, the beer has a characteristic bitter taste. Hop flowers have a soothing effect, which is why they were used to fill the pillows on which we sleep. Hop flowers were also used for baking bread, replacing traditional yeast. Herbal inflorescences are mainly used in herbal medicine. They have so-called hop glands: lupulin. This golden powder is obtained after shaking the flowers.

Lupulin is the most important in the hop

Has a very wide range of action.

It contains properties such as:

  • Calming and sleeping,
  • treats gastrointestinal neurosis,
  • stimulates the appetite,
  • prevents men from having prostatic hyperplasia,
  • regulates the menstrual cycle in women and stimulates lactation,
  • has a diuretic effect,
  • regulates digestion,
  • stimulates the secretion of gastric juices,
  • inhibits excessive sexual desire,
  • in cosmetology and dermatology is widely used in the treatment of cutaneous lichen and ulcers,
  • due to its anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, it is used to treat skin diseases,
  • treats dandruff and prevents baldness,
  • used as food coloring, darkening the color.

How to collect and use hop flowers at home?

We collect hop flowers in the second half of August. Dry flowers, preferably at 40 degrees C, in a preheated oven with the door open. You should do it for a short period of time because after drying, lupulin spills out of the flowers, and it is the most important substance for us.

After drying the flower, store it in a tightly closed glass dish so that lupulin does not ventilate. It cannot be placed in a sunny place, preferably in a dark room, pantry or basement. You can store flowers like that for a year. We can also shake off the flowers and sift lupulin from them. This powder can be consumed with honey to relax. In order to use it as a sleeping aid, you need to take a correspondingly higher dose: about 1000 mg.

How to make a hop flower infusion?

To do this, we must first crush the hop flowers. Pour 1 tablespoon of crushed cones into a glass of water and steam for about 20 minutes under the cover. We drink this brew twice a day, about 200 ml.

We can also make a tincture of hop flowers. This can be done either from dried or from fresh hops. And yes: for 100 grams of flowers, we use about 300 grams of 40-60 percent alcohol. We put flowers in a glass jar, crush them with a grinder and pour alcohol. We store it for about 2 weeks in a dark place. After this time, strain the tincture and drink about 1 teaspoon up to 3 times a day. Store the tincture in a dark place.

Source: „Health without medicine” Agnieszka Sobik; ”Hop- not only for beer lovers”.

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