WATERTreatment with hydrogen peroxide is still a controversial method of overcoming incurable diseases. It is not completely researched and discovered yet, but it brings many people relief and a normal life.

The case of Bill Munro is very interesting, so I wanted to share it with everybody.

Inhalation of hydrogen peroxide

Inhalation of hydrogen peroxide is considered one of the natural remedies that can help with the fight against viruses, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), pulmonary problems, chronic cough, asthma, cancer and many more.

Bill Munro of Waterford, Michigan writes:

“I have inhaled 3% hydrogen peroxide for over 13 years. At that time I fought with prostate cancer and melanoma. I did not want to use the ointment on an open melanoma because it took away the oxygen needed to heal it. The peroxide I inhaled was delivering oxygen from the inside. I increased the amount of inhaled peroxide orally to 7-8 times a day. I used a nasal spray. With every breath, I took about 10 sprays into my throat. It lasted four months. Now I’m spraying my throat with 5 sprays with each breath 7 times a day. My blood test confirms that I’m healthy. “

Bill believes that you should use peroxide 6 times a day with 5 sprays each time, for about 2-4 weeks to see the effects in fighting chronic viruses that are in the blood. In the case of cancer, treatment should be continued for 3-4 months. Most viruses probably cannot survive in an oxygen-enriched environment.

When he has cramps, he takes aerosol and inhales the peroxide. Within one minute, the cramps stop.

How should you inhale hydrogen peroxide?

Bill Munro proposes the following way of inhaling peroxide:

  1. Buy an aerosol / nasal pump.
  2. Buy 3% Hydrogen peroxide. That percentage of peroxide is what Bill used for 12 years.
  3. Sterilize the bottle using warm soapy water.
  4. Fill the aerosol with 3% peroxide.
  5. Spray the throat 6 times during one inhalation. DO NOT INHALE THROUGH THE NOSE!!
  6. Do it 4-6 times a day. If you are trying to get rid of the virus, spray every 2 hours.

Getting rid of the virus takes about 36 – 48 hours. If it is a more serious virus that has been in the blood for some time, it may take up to 2 weeks. For other diseases such as cancer, there is no complete research.

6 doses 4-6 times a day seem to be very much, but in reality, it is a small amount. Check this by spraying the contents on a small teaspoon.

Bill Munro’s opinion on the treatment:

“Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most under-valued substances used by man. New uses of hydrogen peroxide are discovered daily. Insects/bacteria, whether in the garden or the body, cannot live in an environment that is rich in oxygen. At the age of 69, my muscles were very stiff to get out of bed, I had to lay on my stomach and slide on the floor. I had to fix this situation somehow. One morning when I drank coffee with a friend, I noticed he brought a small pile of books. I looked at them curiously. One particularly interested me “O2xygen Therapy”.

The book showed me three possibilities:

  1. Place 8 to 10 drops in a glass (236ml) and drink four times a day.
  2. The second option is to place 47L (1 us pint) 35% solution in the tub and soak in it for 1 hour once a week.
  3. Or go to the doctor for an intravenous infusion once a week.

I didn’t choose any of those.

I decided that I would try to inhale a 3% solution. I came to the right dose by myself. My sleep improved a lot and my heart aches stopped.

My wife and I inhale the hydrogen peroxide for 9 years now, and since then we have no colds, muscle pain, etc. I do not take any medications and vitamins and I’m almost 80 years old. My lungs do not tire me when I work in the garden or during other activities. Peroxide maintains our oxygen in the blood at 90%. “


This material was published solely for the purpose of inspiration/motivation. I wanted to show you how many alternative methods exist for the treatment of incurable diseases.

Society has no idea about cheap and natural treatments. Perhaps this type of article will inspire doctors or scientists to study the method of treatment with hydrogen peroxide.

We have a lot of information from people who have tried their own treatments. Their results are very promising.

Source: www.earthclinic.com

Kasia Kasia Brzoza

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