neoplasmCastor oil is just this wonderful substance, thanks to which we can get rid of cysts and tumors, even cancerous ones. How to accomplish it?

Let’s start with a brief description of this underappreciated specificity.

Castor oil: what plant is it?

Castor oil – is obtained from the seeds of a plant called ricinus or castor oil plant. It is one of the annual plants in Central European countries. In Europe, it freezes in winter, only its root winters in the Mediterranean climate and it is a large perennial plant, while in tropical countries it is a perennial plant and reaches the size of a tree up to 1 meter in height.

The conclusion is that the oil from crops from India is the one with the best therapeutic properties. It is a very beautiful plant, which also has very decorative shapes, that is why people are happy to plant it in their gardens.

It belongs to poisonous plants and repels pests, among other moles, mole crickets.

It is the seeds that contain a toxic protein substance – ricin and the poisonous pyridine alkaloid – ricinine.

Consumption of even a few seeds can cause intoxication and even death due to thrombosis, liver and kidney cell necrosis, intestinal wall ulceration, and bone marrow damage.

In contrast, castor oil used for medicinal purposes does not contain any of these substances, because the ricin does not dissolve in fat, so it does not get into the oil, and it is also, after being cold-pressed, boiled with water to eliminate it. Castor oil is a yellowish, transparent and non-drying oil.

What does Castor oil contain?

Castor oil contains ricinoleic, oleic, and linoleic acids. Due to their compactness, it has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral effects. It is used in the production of cosmetics, for body care, ex. lipsticks, balms, soaps, shampoos, and hair conditioners. Most people know castor oil as an effective laxative.

And here we return to the core question: How to get rid of cysts and tumors?

We make castor oil compresses.

How to do it?

You will need:

  • cold-pressed castor oil, preferably originating from India,
  • white cotton fabric with a fleshy structure (the oil lasts great in it),
  • oilcloth, bandage, hot water bottle.

Fold the cotton fabric into 4 parts so that it covers the sick area of the skin well. Pour a small amount of castor oil, about 50 ml, into a glass dish, which then should be placed into a pan with hot water so that it warms up well. Pour well-heated oil on the prepared fabric so that it is well soaked, but also so that the oil does not leak.

Apply the dressing to the sick place and cover it with an oilcloth. You can additionally cover this dressing with a cotton fabric and wrap it with an elastic bandage.

It is important to provide additional protection, a sleeve or something else depending on the location of your wound because keeping a warm compress increases the penetration of oil through the pores of the skin. It is advisable to apply a hot water bottle for the first hour.

You should sleep all night with the dressing.

In the morning, remove the compression and wash the skin with water, gray soap, or a soda solution: 1 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in 1 cup of water.

The cotton fabric used as a wrap should be put in a plastic bag.

You do not need to wash it every day.

In the evening, soak the same fabric with preheated oil. This fabric is reusable until it turns gray and stale, then a new dressing should be prepared.

You can make such dressings for all kinds of: tumors, cysts, neoplasms, fibroids, growths, and other lesions, even cancerous ones.

You should apply such dressings every night until the wound is completely cured.

You will perform a different procedure in the treatment of liver diseases, headaches, arthritis, digestive and excretory disorders, cholecystitis, epilepsy, neurosis, sciatic nerve inflammation, in other words, diseases that do not cause growth (such as cysts, etc.).

In these particular diseases, make castor oil compresses all over the right side of the abdomen; from the end of the ribs to the groin. The preparation of compress is the same as described above, except that you keep this wrap for a maximum of 1.5 hours during sleep, for the next 3 days. Then take a break of 3 days and repeat- apply the dressing for the next 3 days.

This cycle is also repeated until complete recovery. In addition, every third day of the series of compress, take, in the evening before bedtime; 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

This method was developed by Edgar Cayce and described in the book: Anna Karp ” Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of healing.”

According to Mr. Edgar, castor oil compresses gently stimulate the excretory organs and facilitate their normal operation. Such compresses stimulate your lymphatic system and circulation, which in turn helps remove toxins from your body. Compresses made systematically cause the growths to come out to the surface if their location is under the skin or causes a slow breakdown of growths when they are located deep, ex. in an organ.

There are many recorded cases of patients treated with this therapy with complete success. There is no rational scientific justification for this method, but it is important that it brings positive effects. And this is the most important information for sick people.

What else should you expect when using this therapy?

Patients performing this therapy say that on the tenth day of applying the compresses, they wake up at 4-6 in the morning because they feel the drilling and twisting in the place of the sick organ, others additionally feel tingling and stinging. It takes about 10 minutes and it is necessary to endure this state, even though it is hard. Under no circumstances should the compression be removed. After about 10 minutes, this sensation will calm down and you will sleep soundly.

This phenomenon may repeat itself for the next few nights. It may return again in a while, but definitely weaker. Another thing experienced by people using this therapy is the unbearable feeling: internal itching at the tumor site. This indicates that the tumor is decaying. After about 3-4 months of using such therapy, you can get an ultrasound to see if your tumor has disappeared.

According to some doctors, it can’t disappear on its own, it should be cut out …

This therapy is, of course, only one of the elements of treatment. You should always find the cause of your disease or tumor and of course, remove it. As always, I should mention that this method should be performed under the supervision of a good doctor who knows natural methods of treatment. Lipomas and ganglions are also treated with this method.

After about a month of applying such compresses, the source (organs, cysts, etc.) throw their contents to the surface of the skin. Sometimes you need to help and gently squeeze their contents with a sterile swab. Women treat uterine fibroids in this way. Even cancerous tumors could be treated with this therapy.


Source: article: “The Miracle of Castor Oil – Barbara Kazan, from the newspaper” Health without medicines. “

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