quartzRock Crystal is a colorless, transparent type of quartz (mineral). In Greek, it means: ice.

Formerly it was called the king of crystals. Back in the day, it was already used to purify the mind and body, among others, as compresses for stopping bleeding, and as a painkiller. It can be found in France, Brazil, Burma, the USA, and in Poland.

Currently, people are more aware. There has been a return to natural methods of treatment. Along with this trend, there has also been a growing interest in rock crystal.

What does rock crystal look like in nature?

It looks like a six-sided prism. The edges of the crystals connect at the top and resemble pyramids. They grow close together, creating irregular figures. Their age is said to be hundreds of years.

Research conducted on the rock crystal showed that their structure resembles the structure of our body’s cells. Therefore, among other things, it has healing properties.

What kind of healing properties?

It is the most natural re-energizer of negative energy. It regulates the work of the nervous, lymphatic, and immune systems. It is currently classified as one of the natural methods that is increasingly used by conscious people.

What can you cure with rock crystal?

  • relieves inflammation,
  • helps to remove toxins from your body,
  • stabilizes the heart,
  • improves memory and concentration,
  • reduces pressure states,
  • reduces stress,
  • helps with menstrual pain,
  • stimulates our perception,
  • restores emotional balance,
  • is helpful in sound therapy.

What kind of rock crystal should you choose?

For that, you must go to the minerals / natural products trade fair or market. Once you choose the right crystal, you need to prepare it properly, that is, clean and charge it.

The most effective cleansing treatments include:

  • keeping the rock crystal in dry salt,
  • soaking it in water with salt for 1 day,
  • covering the crystal with the soil,
  • bath in herbs, ex. sage, birch.

After each cleaning of the crystal, it should be washed under a stream of water. The best for this purpose would be natural water from a river or a mountain stream. Then you need to properly recharge it with positive energy. Stones, nature affect us, just as we affect nature. There are energies, everywhere, that can affect us positively or negatively.

In order to charge the stone with positive energy, it is best to expose it to the sunlight for at least a few hours. You should perform cleaning and recharging with natural energy, systematically, every few months. The rock crystal is said to have a high impact. You should carry it with you, and be around these types of stones.

Properly charged with natural energy, it:

  • has a great influence on the quality of your sleep,
  • helps you fall asleep faster,
  • works as an energy shield,
  • when you rest, you can regenerate more easily.

Based on the crystal, you can also prepare crystal water. For this purpose, place the scalded crystal in a glass dish and pour boiled, cooled water, then leave it for 1 day. The water prepared in this way is suitable for drinking. It improves concentration, strengthens memory, improves mood, and improves learning.

Due to its structure, it acts as an energy resonance and is used in electronics, optics, radiesthesia. Jewelry is also made from rock crystal.

The rock crystal is very resistant to acids and alkalis. Its degree of hardness is 7. It can scratch glass.

And one more interesting fact: when breaking, there is a very rare phenomenon: triboluminescence. This phenomenon is not fully explained. During this phenomenon, small flares of light connected to the emission of electrons appear then.


source: martabrzoza.pl

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