There is a plant that protects you against the negative effects of cell phone radiation – it’s called Rosemary.

According to research, rosemary, among others, activates the P53 protein, repairing DNA damage. It has anticancer properties, it prevents dementia. It protects against radiation damage to the cell membrane.

[1] It works as a photo-protector, eliminates free radicals and stimulates endogenous defense mechanisms.

Cell phone radiation affects living organisms. There is still new evidence that talks about its dangers; of which the most serious is the risk of DNA damage, blood damage, brain damage. The effects of many hours of use are sleep disorders, problems with memory and concentration, headaches, burning of the scalp, dry mouth.

Rosemary protects cells from mutation, protects DNA, and can play a protective role against this harmful effect through its antioxidant activity [2]. It prevents the loss of antioxidants and enzymes in the salivary glands [3]. An hour-long talk on your cell phone reduces the level of antioxidants in saliva by 25%. Saliva is the first line of defense against reactive oxygen species and pathogens.

How to protect yourself?

Rosemary tea protects the saliva

You should brew ½-1 teaspoon of chopped herb in a glass of water for 10 minutes. After draining, you can sweeten the mixture with honey. Drink as often as possible, even every day.

Rosemary Oil

Mix with the base oil. Put it on your feet, hands and a small area on the top of your head.

Rosemary at home

Fresh herbs should be grown on the house window sill, on the balcony, in the garden. Inhaling the scent of the rosemary, as has been proven, affects the improvement of brain function and is a kind of protection.

You should try to limit exposure to electronic devices:

  • do not hold the mobile phone directly next to your head.
  • Do not make calls where the signal is weak, ex. metro, trains. When the signal is weak, the device increases the transmitter’s power up to 1000 times.
  • Carry the device in bags. Not in pockets close to the body.
  • Limit the radiation exposure of electronic devices at least during sleep. At night let the bedroom be free of cell phones, Wi-Fi, television, etc.


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