vaccine dtpA terrible mixture of diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus cells. And this ‘miracle’ – the vaccine is introduced into the child’s body up to four times, starting from the age of three months. This is a very painful vaccine; some children respond to it constantly crying. Due to DTP, the highest number of complications and a high percentage of risk of allergic reactions occur in a child’s body. Because of this vaccine, there are numerous cases of death of children, lawsuits, and it was repeatedly banned in European countries, except for Russia.

Japan and Europe refused the DTP

Before the early 1970s, 37 children died because of DTP vaccination in Japan. The Japanese stopped vaccinating their children with this vaccine and then moved it, in the immunization calendar, from infancy to 2 years. As a result, Japan moved from 17th place in the world in terms of child mortality to the last place. In the 1980s, new cell-free vaccine pertussis emerged, which led to a fourfold increase in sudden infant death syndrome in the next 10-12 years.

A similar situation occurred in England, Germany, and the Netherlands. Pertussis vaccinations have killed and disabled dozens of children, after which the population began to refuse these vaccinations. With the decrease in vaccination, the number of hospital visits has fallen sharply, and in places where vaccines have still not been rejected, an increase in disease has been observed, which means that vaccinations have not saved the epidemic.

What does it mean? That the DTP vaccine is deadly, and at best, simply useless, but remains on the immunization calendar for some reason.

This vaccine is toxic

DTP is not even called a vaccine, but a chemical-biological conglomerate, which contains many chemical components that are harmful to human health, causing irreversible changes in the nervous system, paralyzing kidney and brain cells, and causing stomach cancer. All these ingredients make the DTP vaccine the most dangerous vaccine that leads to autism and paralysis of children. Few people know this and do not know the danger until they face it.

In addition to the whole pertussis cells, this organic preparation of mercury pesticide called Merthiolate or thimerosal makes it extremely dangerous, which is used as a preservative and formaldehyde – all these poisons are present in the vaccine dose in an amount sufficient to poison the body of a small human!

Merthiolate in our country is not considered a medicine, it has not really been tested, it was allowed to be used in a vaccine, based only on the results of tests on five guinea pigs given a single dose. During vaccination, the child receives a dose five times higher! Merthiolate is not excreted from the body, accumulates in the nervous tissue, and when combined with aluminum hydroxide, its toxicity increases dozens of times! It’s easy to guess that aluminum hydroxide is also included in the DTP dose. Merthiolate – is a technical pesticide, which Europe not only does not consider as medicine but even gave up the production of this poison on its territory. And in our country, it is used safely in the vaccine and our government does not even intend to carry out research on the risks associated with this preparation!

Benefit or risk?

According to data recognized by the World Health Organization, DTP vaccination causes permanent brain disorders, various neurological contractions, and death (5 deaths per 1 million). In the ’70s, Swedish scientists proved a direct relationship with the administration of whole-cell DTP vaccine and encephalopathies (convulsions). The researchers decided that the benefits of vaccination are not worth the risk. Despite the ban on use in many countries, the United States continues to produce and sell DTP to so-called third world countries.

The misfortune is that no one can ever say in advance whether this vaccination will cause any complications for a particular child, or if everything will go well. Doctors say – it is a safe vaccine, complications are extremely rare, and most often all this is not discussed, either before or after vaccination, but only in the face of a tragic event. But even in this case, they will tell you that vaccination has nothing to do with it and it will be difficult to prove that the resulting diseases are associated with the vaccination.

Please note what complications this vaccine can cause: huge purulent blisters on the skin that must be opened, damage to the central nervous system, joints, digestive tract, heart, various allergic reactions, asthma, diabetes, the awakening of hidden diseases – tuberculosis, hepatitis; anaphylactic shock, sudden death. Vaccinations during an epidemic of other diseases can lead to death!

Is it worth, then, fearing the pertussis epidemic in advance, agreeing to the introduction of such a dangerous dose of pathogenic cells and toxic substances into the child’s body, thus increasing the risk of the child becoming disabled afterward or even worse – it may die? Or maybe it is worth finding alternative ways to preserve the child’s health and strengthen its immunity? Parents have the right to refuse vaccination or agree to it, but in any case, you must first obtain full information from reliable sources, which, fortunately, are already available to everyone today.


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