vitaminsK2 MK7 is a substance needed by everybody. I would definitely recommend this for you …

Vitamin K is so far known in 2 forms:

  • K 1 – which mainly affects blood coagulation,
  • K 2 – does not affect blood clotting (it can only convert K1 to K2 and vice versa).

Vitamin K 2 occurs in 2 forms:

  • K2 MK4,
  • K2 MK7.

Vitamin K occurs naturally in animal products such as:

  • goose liver, chicken liver, or beef liver,
  • hard and soft cheese,
  • egg yolk,
  • butter,
  • salami,
  • bacon, chicken, goose,
  • salmon, mackerel,
  • sauerkraut.

What role does vitamin K2 MK 7 play in the body?

To understand it better, we must go back to calcium supplementation.

Strengthening the bones with calcium alone is not enough.


Because bone is not made of calcium alone.

The bone consists of about 12 minerals: calcium, potassium, magnet, manganese, silicon, iron, zinc, selenium, boron, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium.

We know that calcium is deposited in the arteries so-called hardening of the arteries, so it does not always get to the bone.

Despite the adequate diet and supplementation with calcium and vitamin D, osteoporosis still continues to occur. In order to have a strong skeleton, we need strong bones.

What should we do in order to deliver calcium to the bones?

We know that osteoporosis is caused by loss of not only calcium but also other minerals.

Studies show that calcium is added to every kind of food.

Cheese, drinks, cereals, flour, milk contain it. It is literally everywhere and there is too much of it. Despite the large intake of calcium, more and more people have … osteoporosis.

Dense bones are hard bones, but the harder they are, the brittler the bones. Of course, this is very important, but even more important is the elasticity of the bones, the appropriate strength, and durability.

It is therefore very important to take good collagen and minerals properly because only then it is possible to build healthy bones.

In order for your body to produce good collagen, it needs silicon and lots of vitamin C (without it the synthesis of collagen is not possible).

The bone tissue is constantly undergoing change, so some of the cells decompose and new cells are formed.

The cells called osteoblasts produce osteocalcin, which places calcium into the bone.

Osteoclasts are responsible for the removal of the used cells.

In addition, the bones are also a part of the endocrine system. They affect the processes in which insulin is involved (affect the regulation of glucose transfer into cells).

The hardening of the artery walls caused by deposition of calcium is nothing else but a bone tissue.

How to redirect excess calcium to the right place: such as bones, teeth etc.?

The deficiency of vitamin K2 (menaquinone) is responsible for disposal of calcium in the wrong location.

Osteocalcin under the influence of vitamin K2 redirects calcium to bones and teeth. This vitamin activates certain protein composites.

So with consuming calcium and vitamin D3, we also need a lot of vitamin K2.

Dr. Price has shown that deficiency of vitamin K2, which is responsible for the proper distribution of calcium in our bones, causes bone demineralization.

By increasing the amount of vitamin K2 we reduce the risk of heart disease.

Isolation of vitamin K2 MK4 in a natural way is expensive.

It is artificially produced as an extract from the Nicotiana Tabacum plant.

However, it is safe for your health to take this artificially produced vitamin.

Its daily dose is 45 mg. But to maintain its levels, you need to take it at least 3x a day, for example 3x 15mg.

Only in this way, you will fully exploit its effects on your body.

The best version of this vitamin is vitamin K2 MK7 at a daily dose of 100 micrograms.

It is very important to take it with a meal containing fats.

Vitamin K2 MK7 has been found recently in supplements.

It is a form of vitamin K2 MK4, but its expulsion time is much longer.

Therefore, you do not need to take it 3 x day, just 1 x day.

In this form, vitamin K2 MK7 is crucial in preventing the deposition of calcium in the arteries.

It stays in the blood for longer periods of time and reaches a more stable level.

No toxic dose of vitamin K2 was found; therefore, it is not poisonous.

Is it possible to consume this vitamin straight from nature and not from the supplements?

Yes, vitamin K2 MK7 naturally occurs in natto.

Natto is a fermented soybean. It is used in Japanese cuisine.

What else stops the activity of vitamin K2?

After every major surgery, there is a risk of blood clotting. In order to prevent this, patients are given blood thinners, such as heparin. The trade name is Coumadin, and substance is called warfarin.

Warfarin stops the activity of vitamin K2, which in turn promotes arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and osteoporosis.

You can not take warfarin for too long.

What are the benefits of taking vitamin K2?

Taking about 50 micrograms of vitamin K2 MK7 daily does not affect blood clotting and prevents osteoporosis.

After taking vitamin K2 for a week, it reduces the insulin level by half after eating a meal.

In addition, it was found that people who take the highest dose of vitamin K2 reduce the risk of having cancer.

Vitamin K2 inhibits all types of lung cancers.

It also prevents aging of the body. And it prevents the development of heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, wrinkles, varicose veins, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer.

It affects positively: pregnancy as well as the difficulties with becoming pregnant, the health of the newborn, the fertility of men.

It affects positively the health of your teeth and the development of jaw-skull.

What’s the conclusion?

Take vitamin K2Mk7 always with a meal containing fats.

Kasia Kasia Brzoza

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