healthy foodsCurrently, there is a bloom in the vitamins, supplements, and healthy food industry.

This is a great success for the underground medical Internet. Thousands of people have implemented or are expected to implement healthy eating methods.

Just like in every community, there are many people on the Internet who talk about the toxicity of vitamin D3, the unnecessary use of vitamin C, the disadvantages of consuming meat, eating only fruits and vegetables …

People get lost when they hear such radical and different views coming from many different directions.

Where is the truth?

Stop supplementation?

Let’s begin our analysis with a basic commonly heard principle:

If you prohibit the use of any vitamins, you must prohibit any supplementation. All the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients, we can get from the sun, from herbs, from fruits, from vegetables, from dairy and meat.

But show me a fruit that isn’t sprayed with Roundup, vegetables without toxins, dairy and meat products deprived of hormones and toxins.

Perhaps, some people live in the wilderness and grow really healthy food.

We congratulate those people!

However, 99.9% of the population live in the environment full of toxins, ragged food, chemical sprays, GMO seeds.

Even if you buy fruit and vegetables at the farmer’s market, you still do not know how healthy they are compared to those bought on the market.

Most farmers have subsidies from the organizations such as European Union. They are focusing on doubling and tripping their profits rather than on how to grow healthy food.

Not so long ago a farmer wrote to us, who gave up cultivation of healthy food.


Because nobody wanted to pay more money because healthy food costs more.

A typical farmer will buy Monsanto seeds, pour out chemicals and have great crops in the first years. He sells them at low prices because he can still afford it.

Therefore, if someone advises you to base your whole diet on vegetables and fruits, first think whether you have the access to unprocessed and toxins-free fruits and vegetables without GMOs?

Are you lucky to buy them from smart and fantastic farmers?

Most people do not have such opportunities.

If they eat only fruit and vegetables sprayed with Roundup or from GMO seeds, then they can seriously hurt themselves.

Medical amateurs who promote this style are responsible for the conscious or the unconscious destruction of human health.

They are very dangerous.

What is the best diet? 

I admit that when I hear the word “diet”, I see women who spend their entire lives losing weight without results.

Of course, we must name everything. And we also use the word “diet”. However, with a proper understanding of this word.

In order to carry out a high or low-fat diet, with or without carbohydrates, gluten-free or any other, it should be well planned out in your head.

Otherwise, you will never lose weight, or see any positive results, but might make your body susceptible to diseases.

There are few basic rules:

1 –First, completely eliminate the store-bought sweets from your diet. You feel like eating sweets? Then reach for a banana, apple, other fruit, homemade ice cream, or a homemade cake with a minimal amount of sugar.

2 – You cannot eat any fast foods.

3 –You can’t overeat. Smaller portions of food are necessary to reduce the capacity of your stomach. In order to be healthy, without any diseases, you do not need to eat tons of food.

This step is the most difficult for many people because it requires mental repair, change of habits. A habit is an addiction.

4 –The body must be hydrated. Therefore, drink water with Himalayan salt, Klodawa salt or another salt that has minerals. Salt is needed to keep water in the body and to hydrate the cells. But do not overdo it. Do not drink tones of water. If your urine is white or pale yellow, it means that you are well hydrated. If your urine is orange, brown, very yellow, increase the amount of water you drink.

5 –Repair the stomach. Do not drink while eating or after eating. Make sure that your stomach has a very acidic ph. In order to do that drink wormwood wine, stomach drops, or apple vinegar before meals.

6 –No medications. However, this is a suggestion only for average and healthy people. If you belong to this group, do not take any medications. Taking, in the wintertime, a series of antibiotics and destroying the bacterial flora leads to a destruction of your bacterial flora and recovery that will last for several months assuming that you take necessary steps to recovery.

7 –Do everything to get rid of fecal stones from the colon. This is a topic for advanced users. But read and get knowledge.

If you follow these steps, you can, for a period of up to 3 months, implement different diets, treatments, and detoxify the body and get great results.

So, what about Vitamins? 

If you live in an environmental paradise, then no vitamins are needed. Everything that the body needs, it takes from the food, from the sun, from nature.

If you do not have the opportunity to live in paradise, then you have to supplement yourself.

Yes, every vitamin is somewhat unnatural.  But the same goes for rinsing colon out of toxins, enema, is also interference in the body.

This world is so broken that any supplement made by man is an interference in the body. It is something unnatural.

And you need to know that in order for you to not be shocked by the information coming from various portals about the harmfulness of vitamin C, vitamin D3 or other substances that we call natural.

They are not natural because they were produced in the production process.

If you buy vitamin C from Chinese manufacturer or made from a wild rose. The quality of the latter will be many times higher than the Chinese one.

However, will a Chinese one still work?

It will.

The problem is not to use it too often, because it may have added chemicals.

When consuming cheaper vitamin C, we introduce some amount of toxins into the body.

I know good quality vitamins cost money.

It is necessary to spend at least several hundred dollars a month for a family of four.

However, what choice do we have?

It is either health or medicines …

A tip of an iceberg

We called the principles regarding diet the “normal form of nutrition”.

We describe them very carefully in the ebooks.

This is not a miracle diet, just the daily nutrition that parents should put in the heads of their children from kindergarten.

The few principles I mentioned are the beginning of the iceberg.

However, it is not about spending three months on a diet such as ex a gluten-free diet, and then returning to old habits.

That’s why you are implementing all these rules so that you do not get sick, or have a pacemaker later in life, or have to carry insulin with you or die of cancer or another nasty disease.

Shedding kilos is just a side effect.

Women, on the other hand, want to lose weight at all costs and that’s just what they’re interested in.

Do you know thin and sick people?

Furthermore, thin people suffer as much as obese people when it comes to diseases…

You have to stick to the basic idea: you eat healthy not because you want to lose weight, but because you do not want to get sick.

Losing kilograms will come as a result and most importantly it will come NATURALLY.

Our body loves what is natural or close to nature.

Specific diets, i.e. a ketogenic diet or a gluten-free diet, apply primarily to sick people.

For them, it is not enough to implement the normal rules of nutrition. They need something extra because their bodies have been destroyed.

If you are reasonably healthy, enjoy life and do not let yourself become sick.

You will not achieve this without supplementation.

However, when you have access to the sun, do not take vitamin D3, if you have access to healthy fruit, you don’t have to take vitamin C.

Nutrition requires thinking …

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