vitamin cHave you ever wondered if so-called “Incurable diseases” are truly incurable?

Can asthma be cured?

Is it possible to cure common cold in 24 hours? With natural methods and without side effects?

Well, it turns out, to the huge astonishment of some, that yes, it can be done without much problem!


Vitamin C. Without going into details, you buy such a vitamin and the problem is gone … Of course, you need to know how to take it and in what quantities.

The already famous vitamin C supports and heals. (apparently, there are attempts to keep it banned and make it inaccessible to everyone … interesting, whom does it bother….?)

What does it heal?

Well, here are the diseases:

  • cold,
  • inflammation,
  • viral pneumonia,
  • choroiditis of the eye,
  • allergies,
  • Reiter’s disease,
  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • hepatic calcification,
  • also CANCER …. (a little more complicated topic, for another occasion) and makes us look younger (in a nutshell).

I guess you do not need much convincing to realize how important vitamin C is for us. It is not a heresy or a mental illusion. For many years, doctors with an open mind and self-education have successfully cured, not only the mentioned above conditions but also many others.

A product that (despite some opponents) exists since the 1930s!

Unbelievable and shocking, but true!

For example, Dr. Cathcart, one of the greatest experts in the use of vitamin C, used this substance in many cases, treating the allegedly incurable diseases. For therapeutic purposes, he used large doses of vitamin C and healed over 10,000 patients.

In his practice, he noticed that the human body in a state of stress, both emotional and physical, in the case of inflammation, bacterial infection, or poisoning with toxins, greatly increases the need for vitamin C.

In such situations, the phenomenon occurs in which the consumption of vitamin C increases dramatically, while causing its sharp decrease in the blood, almost to zero, if the level is not restored by administering vitamin C in large quantities.

It turns out that not only chronic diseases, but also the common cold, flu, any inflammation, or the simplest sting of a bee or a spider, causes our body’s rapid demand for vitamin C, which our immune system uses to fight the above-mentioned infections.

Similar conclusions were also reached by Hugh Riordan, Dr. Klenner, double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, Dr. Rath, Dr. Steve Hickey, Dr. Hilary Roberts and as it turns out, many other doctors!


Well, because they did not agree with the fact that our “conventional medicine”, which couldn’t come up with a working treatment for chronic diseases, did not answer the important question; “How to help patients”?

The answer, among other things, lies in the proper use of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. Today, more and more doctors openly admit that the reason for the emergence of many chronic diseases is a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, which are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

Whether it pleases some or not, the therapeutic effect of vitamin C has been clinically proven.

Oral or intravenous use of vitamin c should be taken under the supervision of a physician or a properly trained therapist who knows what dose to use and how to do it.

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical lobby does not share the joy of using natural preparations, from which they can not benefit from adequate financial profits. Let us hope that they will not come up with the idea of restricting the access (to vitamin c) for the average person, although I have already heard similar rumors.

Dr. Cathcart gives a fairly detailed description of the appropriate doses that should be used in each condition. Protocols and medical reports from the Riordan Clinic regarding the use of sodium ascorbate are also very interesting (vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid buffered with sodium – only this form is correct for intravenous use) in the treatment of cancer, support chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

It turns out that vitamin C can really save our lives!

The results of such therapies are simply unbelievable and more than noteworthy!


dr Adam Przygoda 


 Kasia BrzozaKasia Brzoza

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